Whether you want to have us host one miner, a small fleet or an entire farm… you’ve come to the right place.  Read on!


We’ve having a hosting sale!  Right now we are offering contract hosting for as little as 6 Cents (USD) per Kilowatt Hour!

We had a large miner downsize their fleet of S9’s – that means we have prime equipment spots ready for you!  Pay just 6 US Cents per kilowatt hour for these ready to mien spots.

That’s less than the retail price of electricity in Quebec and Manitoba.  Call us today to get in on our special offer.  At these prices, space won’t last!

Our clients continually comment on our on time execution of mining setup.  We won’t make a promise we can’t keep!  Once you’re told a date your miners will be available, it happens.

We specialize in smaller miners – but can provide service to any size from one to a thousand.  Try us today!

Manitoba Advantage

Clean Power.  Cheap Rates.  Lots of Space.

Manitoba, Canada has the lowest electricity rates in Canada and is a prime location for crypto-currency mining.  What’s more, nearly 100% of all electric power in Manitoba is green energy.  It’s made by harnessing the power of water.

Electric power here is priced in Canadian Currency.  One Canadian dollar is just 78.6 cents US.  Check xe.com for the latest exchange rate.

When you purchase raw power, you’ll pay 8.069 cents for kW/h for the first 11,000 kW/h.  Over that its just 5.976 cents per kW/h up to 19,500 kW/h.  If you are using even more power, pay 3.944 cents per kW/h and a demand charge of $10.10 / kVa.

The current rates can always be found here:

Manitoba doesn’t get very hot either.  Ambient air is often sufficient to cool mining operations.  In the winter, we dip as low as -35 Celsius outdoors.  In the summer we rarely peak about 30 Celsius.

If you think outside the major cities, there are plenty of places with cheap land and good internet connections.  Match one of those with available power lines and you are set to build your own mining farm.

In the past three months, Manitoba Hydro reports over 100 mining operations have inquired about building in Manitoba.  We’re already here and ready to help you – big or small.

We are pleased to offer paid consulting services to groups wishing to establish their own mining farms.

We also offer co-location in our own mining facilities.  Many of our facilities recycle waste heat in the winter to provide energy for other tenants.  In some cases, we are willing to host equipment with special winter rates that are subsidized by the recycled heat.

Check out of co-location page for more information on having us host your mining operation – big or small.


Important Note!

We have immediate space available for the following equipment:

110 Volt Equipment, Up to 1500 Watt – Five to Ten Spots

208 or 220 Volt Equipment – Five Spots

The rate for these spots is 10.5 Cents CAD per kw/h plus GST.  This rate is valid from now until the end of April 2022.  At that time, the rate will adjust for added costs in cooling your equipment.  Your actual charges are based on the power drawn by your equipment.

To book these spots – email office@83north.ca

We host miners at several facilities.  We are glad to make arrangements to host your miner or farm at one of our locations.  We accept all sizes of clients, from single miners to multiple shelves.

Some of our facilities recycle heat from mining operations for other tenants.  They subsidize our winter rates when they purchase that heat from us.  We do not publicly disclose the location of each mining farm.

We offer 120/240 volt power.  Our basic offering includes shared internet access.  Upgrades are available.  Large farms are quoted on a per case basis.

See our update below for those looking for container solutions!

Location One – “The Farm”
This location is currently fully leased. 

Location Two – “The Jail”
This location is fully leased.

Location Three – “The School”
Our new location is now ready for leasing and miner placement for mid-August 2020.  At current space is available for 150 miners.

When you pay for machine setup, electricity rates can be as low as 4¢ US per kilowatt hour.  Call or email for terms and conditions and to book space.  Prepayment only.

Location Four – “The MegaMine”
Manitoba Hydro has identified three locations in Manitoba where large scale bitcoin mining can be supported.  Discussions are ongoing for interconnection at the third location.  A total amount of power between 15 and 20 megawatts is available.  We are currently seeking investors for a joint venture project to host up to 14,000 miners at this location.  Please contact us for details.

Included Amenities

Shared cable internet.
Equipment setup on shelving (you supply racks for GPUs if required)
Monday – Friday 9A/5P Service Call Outs
Line Stable Power.

Available upgrades:

UPS Conditioned Power.
Remote Reboot.
Dedicated internet.  Cable Service from $70/month.
24/7 Service Call Outs.
Air conditioning: Equipment plus kWh charges for runtime.

Thinking About NFTs?  So are we.

We’re launching a unique NFT product that involves collecting real world items using the digital blockchain.  If you want to partner with us on this project, give us call at 877-734-6044.

Container Solutions

We’ve been swamped with requests for co-location lately.  Most of our spots are full.  Many are asking about locating a full container.  Yes, we do that!

Generally, we provide consulting services for container placement and you benefit by paying the lowest possible electrical costs directly to the utility.  Container placement is available from $200 per month.

Our consulting fee is $6,000 per container.  For that fee you get:

  • Project Management from Start to Mining
  • Progress Updates & Contractor Management
  • Direct Access to Consultants Cell Phone 24/7 for the duration of your project build

We also provide after build support for miner maintenance, upgrading, etc.  Fees are negotiable based on the level of service desired.


Telephone is the easiest way to talk to us.   In North America, call toll free at 877-734-6044.  International, call +1 204-734-6044.  We’d love to talk with you about your needs and help you find a great solution using Manitoba’s low cost green energy.

If you prefer email, try office [at] 83north.ca – we’ll respond as soon as we can.


Manitoba Bitcoin Mining is offered by 83 North Inc. and Block Leasing Inc.  We maintain several mining farms that lease space to users.  We use some of the space for our own mining operations.  We also recycle heat where possible to generate additional income and keep costs low.

83 North owns and operates several businesses in Manitoba Canada.  We have holdings in broadcasting, transport, retail and technology.