Manitoba Advantage

Clean Power.  Cheap Rates.  Lots of Space.

Manitoba, Canada has the lowest electricity rates in Canada and is a prime location for crypto-currency mining.  What’s more, nearly 100% of all electric power in Manitoba is green energy.  It’s made by harnessing the power of water.

Electric power here is priced in Canadian Currency.  One Canadian dollar is just 78.6 cents US.  Check for the latest exchange rate.

When you purchase raw power, you’ll pay 8.069 cents for kW/h for the first 11,000 kW/h.  Over that its just 5.976 cents per kW/h up to 19,500 kW/h.  If you are using even more power, pay 3.944 cents per kW/h and a demand charge of $10.10 / kVa.

The current rates can always be found here:

Manitoba doesn’t get very hot either.  Ambient air is often sufficient to cool mining operations.  In the winter, we dip as low as -35 Celsius outdoors.  In the summer we rarely peak about 30 Celsius.

If you think outside the major cities, there are plenty of places with cheap land and good internet connections.  Match one of those with available power lines and you are set to build your own mining farm.

In the past three months, Manitoba Hydro reports over 100 mining operations have inquired about building in Manitoba.  We’re already here and ready to help you – big or small.

We are pleased to offer paid consulting services to groups wishing to establish their own mining farms.

We also offer co-location in our own mining facilities.  Many of our facilities recycle waste heat in the winter to provide energy for other tenants.  In some cases, we are willing to host equipment with special winter rates that are subsidized by the recycled heat.

Check out of co-location page for more information on having us host your mining operation – big or small.